to Exquisite Powder Coating

Powder coating is now the fastest-growing

finishing technology in North America.

Representing over 15%

of all industrial finishing applications.

Powder Coating Facts

  • Fact I
    Powder coating is tougher than conventional paint.
  • Fact II
    Powder coating production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.
  • Fact III
    A wide range of specialty effects is easily accomplished which would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes.

Powder coating is the process of coating a surface in which a powder material is applied using an electrostatic or compressed air method, or sometimes a fluidized bed. The applied powder is then heated (cured) in an oven to its melting point, after which it flows to form a smooth film which dries to a firm, durable finish very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust.

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Because of the advanced methods with which powder coatings are applied, all types of powder coating provide a durable, uniform and attractive finish. All powder coatings are decorative and protective, and different formulations of powder coatings are available to provide extra protection from ultra-violet rays, corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals. Some types are even approved for use by the FDA in food grade applications. What's more, they provide good electrical insulation properties and can also have special characteristics like electrostatic discharge.